Just Like New has been in business for 15 years and has over 45 years of experience in 
the consignment industry.  JLN is opening new accounts on a limited basis.

                           How to consign with Just Like New :
                                       1. Review the guidelines for items you want to consign.
                                            2. Prepare items according to the guidelines.
                                            3. Call for an appointment Tuesday, or Thursday from 10:00 – 3:00  
                                            4. Bring items to appointment.  Set aside about 20 minutes for appointment.
                                                *Please bring adequate help to unload items and bring into store.
                                                            JLN employees are unable to unload items.
​                                            Two types of accounts
                                                            Clothing & Accessories Account  - clothing, accessories, furniture & home goods
                                                        Furniture & Home Goods Account  - furniture & home goods...not clothing or accessories
     JLN respects your time… please respect our time and only bring items that meet our guidelines.        

           General Consignment Guidelines 
                    We prefer higher quality items that are in demand over a large quantity of items.       
                    • Current guidelines apply to all accounts. 
                    • Total value of each consignment should exceed $50
                    • Special consideration will be given to higher quality items for Preferred Consignment Accounts.  
                    • Please bring adequate help to unload items as employees may not be available due to new check-in requirements.
                    • All consignments are “Drop and Run”. For specific item review, discussion, and return; please schedule an appointment.      
                    • All items, except clothing, should be organized in a box and visible. Items will be quickly scanned at time of delivery. Obvious
                             items that do not meet current guidelines and are not acceptable for sale will be returned to account holder. Special
                            consideration will be given to those with Preferred Consignment Accounts
                    • “Drop and Run” consignment items that are accepted and do not meet our guidelines will be donated to charity. 
                    • No phone calls will be made. Excessive consignment donations of items not meeting current guidelines may result in 
                            account cancellation. 
                   • Seasonal clothing and items will be accepted 3 months to 15 days before the end-of-season or holiday.
                   • Item processing speed is based solely on quality and demand, not date of delivery.
                   • Please schedule an appointment for large quantity consignments
                   • A complete list of guidelines and our “No Thank You List” is available on our website www. jlnconsign.com. 

Please do not be offended if we say “no thank you” to select items, our guidelines are based on our customers preferences.  

            Consignment Terms - Specific item guidelines are listed on separate pages.
                    Total value of each consignment should exceed $50
                    Consignment period is 90 days or until the end of the current season. Early item pull fee is 50% of original price. 
                    Accounts must have one consignment every 6 months to remain open.
                    All items are subject to periodic markdowns, end-of-season sales, and after holiday sales. Items will be donated
                                    to charity at the end of the consignment period or end-of-season.
                    New guidelines apply to all accounts. Please check website before consignment.
                    Items accepted and then determined unacceptable for resale will be donated to charity. No phone calls will be made. 
                                     For specific item review, discussion, and return; please call for appointment.  
                    Phone calls regarding the sale of merchandise or account balances are not accepted. Please check account balance in-store.
                    All sales questions should be directed to office manager – Andrea McKinnon – during office hours: Tues and Thurs  10 - 3.
                                    Employees do not have account information regarding sales.
                    The quality of items consigned should outweigh the quantity of items consigned. Accounts are subject to cancellation, 
                                    if more than 20% of any consignment does not meet the current guidelines; or if the quality of the items consigned 
                                    does not  outweigh the quantity. 

              Payment Terms
                    •JLN pays 50% of the selling price – 15 business days after an item has sold. 
                    A photo ID or JLN consignor card must be presented at time of payout. Name on JLN Consignor Card or photo ID must have 
                                account holder name to receive payout or account information.
                    Consignment proceeds are available in-store any day after 11:30. If necessary, payouts over $50 will be automatically mailed
                                the following Tuesday.  
                    •Payouts are not available when consignment receiving is closed for major holidays.
                    •Checks will be mailed on the 20th of every month, when account balance exceeds $120. Account balance will roll over until 
                                balance is paid in-store or check is mailed. Checks are void after 90 days.
                    •Unclaimed account balances after one year will be forfeited to JLN.  

JLN makes every effort to sell your items within the consignment period.
JLN does not guarantee the sale of any item.
JLN does not assume any liability for lost, stolen, or damaged items.
JLN reserves the right to cancel any account for any reason.

All items are priced based on condition, style, demand and market value. The price is set by Just Like New to ensure items 
will be sold at the most profitable price for both consignor and consignee. Just Like New does not negotiate pricing. 
If you would like a set price for an item, we suggest you sell it on e-bay.  

Consignment Hours 
Tuesday & Thursday 10 - 4:30
1st Saturday of month by Appointment