JLN Furniture and Home Goods

​ Tuesday & Thursday 10 - 4:30
  1st Saturday of month by appointment
Furniture by appointment.

    Home Goods, Small Furniture and Décor Guidelines  

  • All items must be clean, in-demand, in-season, in working order and with minimal wear. 
  •  Vintage items are accepted if in good condition and in-demand.
  • Furniture over 3’x3’ is accepted by appointment. Please call.  
  • Décor, home goods, and housewares must be clean, no chips, cracks or missing parts, current, in-style and in-demand. Stemware, glassware, dishes, napkins, and placemats need to be in sets of 4 or more and labeled. If you can wash item in dishwasher – please do!!
  • Bedding and Linens must be freshly laundered, on hangers and labeled with size and description of pieces in set. Items should be in almost new condition; free of stains, tears, odors, or pilling with minimal wash wear. Please allow extra time when consigning bedding and linens so we can review and return items that are not accepted.
  • Electronics are accepted if purchased in the last 3 years and in working order. All parts and pieces must accompany an item. Batteries are required for consignment if needed to operate item. Flat screen televisions and computer monitors are accepted. Test all items before consignment. Printers and computers towers are not accepted. Please allow extra time when consigning electronics so we can review items.
  • Books should be no older than 3 years and in almost perfect condition – except vintage books.  Text books or controversial books are not accepted. 
  • Rugs are accepted if they are clean and free of stains and tears. Rugs must be freshly laundered / vacuumed, rolled and labeled with size.  
  • Artwork is accepted if framed in-demand and in-style. Additional information necessary to sell the item must be provided.
  • Games and Puzzles are accepted on a limited basis. Games must be in excellent condition, current and have all pieces. Puzzles with more than 20 pieces must be in original unopened package.  

                Examples of home goods and furniture items we accept: 
                           Desks, Dressers, Headboards, Bed Frames, Night tables, Tables, Chairs, Ottomans,                         Coat Racks, Outdoor Furniture, Trunks, Bookshelves, Cabinets, Bar Stools, Benches,                         Vanities, Mirrors, Framed Artwork, Stained Glass, Gardening Items, Select Architectural                         Pieces, Current Home Décor, Lamps, Shelves, Clocks, Pottery, Dinnerware, Glasses,                         Serving Pieces, Crystal, Silver Plate or Sterling Pieces, Silverware & Utensils, Vintage                         Kitchenware, Vintage Tins, Signs, Decorative Pieces, Enamelware, Cookware, Bakeware,                         Area Rugs, Runners, Fireplace Accessories, Bedding, Linens, New and Vintage Quilts,                         Throw Pillows, Bath Accessories & Linens, Office Décor & Small Furniture, Books,                         Current Luggage and Vintage Leather Luggage, and much more!!     

        Baby Items and Toys must be almost brand new, complete and fully functioning, have all         pieces, clean, free of smoke or other odors and purchased in the last few years. All loose parts         and pieces must be together in one ziplock bag.  Batteries are required. Please bring instruction         manuals.   All washable parts must be completely removed and freshly laundered according to         the manufacturer’s instructions and reassembled. It is the consignors responsibility to check         the expiration date and recall list on items such as car seats and strollers. Baby furniture is         accepted and must be assembled before time of delivery. JLN will not sell any toy or baby item         that is questionable. 

                Examples of baby items we accept:
                        Play yards, Exersauceers, Jumperoos, Bouncy Seats, Swings, High Chairs, Walkers, Car                     Seats, Booster Chairs, Strollers, Bassinets, Cradles, Changing Tables, Baby Carriers,                     Gliders, Rocking Chairs, any current toy with all parts and pieces and much more. Stuffed                     animals are accepted if they are from a specialty store and in brand new condition.  

We do accept other items in addition to the examples listed above.  
Please call with questions.